Object Representations for Learning and Reasoning

Thirty-fourth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)

December 11, 2020, Virtual Workshop

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For each paper being presented at the workshop, we will host a pdf of the paper and a pre-recorded (lightning / contributed talk) from SlidesLive, both of which can be accessed from each paper's landing page (which you can access by clicking on the title of the relevant paper). We will also host a poster for each paper in ORLR GatherTown spread across two sessions (main session is indicated). All authors are encouraged to present in both sessions.

Title Authors PDF Session
Deep Affordance Foresight: Planning for What Can Be Done Next (Oral) Danfei Xu, Ajay Mandlekar, Roberto Martín-Martín, Yuke Zhu, and Li Fei-Fei PDF #2
OGRE: An Object-based Generalization for Reasoning Environment (Oral) Kelsey Allen, Anton Bakhtin, Kevin Smith, Joshua Tenenbaum, and Laurens van der Maaten PDF #1
Disentangling 3D Prototypical Networks for Few-Shot Concept Learning (Oral) Mihir Prabhudesai, Shamit Lal, Darshan Patil, Hsiao-Yu Tung, Adam Harley, and Katerina Fragkiadaki PDF #1/#2
Estimating Mass Distribution of Articulated Objects using Non-prehensile Manipulation (Oral) Niranjan Kumar Kannabiran, Sehoon Ha, Irfan Essa, and Karen Liu PDF #2
A Symmetric and Object-Centric World Model for Stochastic Environments (Oral) Patrick Emami, Pan He, Anand Rangarajan, and Sanjay Ranka PDF #2
Semantic State Representation for Reinforcement Learning Erez Schwartz, Guy Tennenholtz, Chen Tessler, and Shie Mannor PDF #2
Word(s) and Object(s): Grounded Language Learning In Information Retrieval Federico Bianchi, Jacopo Tagliabue, and Ciro Greco PDF #1
Self-Supervised Attention-Aware Reinforcement Learning Haiping Wu, Khimya Khetarpal, and Doina Precup PDF #2
Learning Long-term Visual Dynamics with Region Proposal Interaction Networks Haozhi Qi, Xiaolong Wang, Deepak Pathak, Yi Ma, and Jitendra Malik PDF #1/#2
Dynamic Regions Graph Neural Networks for Spatio-Temporal Reasoning Iulia Duta, Andrei L Nicolicioiu, and Marius Leordeanu PDF #1/#2
Understanding designed objects by program synthesis James McDermott PDF #1
Grounding Lifted PDDL Action Models Masataro Asai PDF #1
Dexterous Robotic Grasping with Object-Centric Visual Affordances Priyanka Mandikal and Kristen Grauman PDF #1/#2
Odd-One-Out Representation Learning Salman Mohammadi, Anders Kirk Uhrenholt, and Bjoern Sand Jensen PDF #1
Structure-Regularized Attention for Deformable Object Representation Shenao Zhang, Li Shen, Zhifeng Li, and Wei Liu PDF #2
Learning Object-Centric Video Models by Contrasting Sets Sindy Löwe, Klaus Greff, Rico Jonschkowski, Alexey Dosovitskiy, and Thomas Kipf PDF #1
Discrete Predictive Representation for Long-horizon Planning Thanard Kurutach, Julia Peng, Yang Gao, Stuart Russell, and Pieter Abbeel PDF #1/#2
Learning Embeddings that Capture Spatial Semantics for Indoor Navigation Vidhi Jain, Shishir Patil, Prakhar Agarwal, and Katia Sycara PDF #1
Emergence of compositional abstractions in human collaborative assembly William P McCarthy, Robert Hawkins, Cameron Holdaway, and Judy Fan PDF #1/#2